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New Engthind 360 -degree telescope recyclable, adjustable cleaning floors wet wet and dry dual -use. 1 Make clean easierthe cleaning tray that adopts the latest type of triple design, 360 degrees rotating a president allows you to leave any dust in the dead corner, easily solve your stubborn dust in the wall of the wall, ceiling and window.   2say not to hang very long 1.3 meters pole to easily reach dust sites and help you eliminate dust in a simpler way.   3 excellent materials are equipped with thick and coded stoke of a mop of fabric, which can quickly absorb water within 5   Seconds and has a wonderful admission capacity, firmly lock in dust.   4 Protection Handsmimic Handwashing Cleaning Design, Integrated Payment of Automatic Water Presse Function, Editing Your Hands. Record:   Size130 * 27cm/51.18 * 10.62 inches   Article/steel resistant stainless steel   Stockwitting wipes   Blue/white color   Product weight: 700g   The package includes: as in the picture    ..
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• Microscopic fiber texture:The microphper fabric ensures that the floor is accurately and efficiently, making it unclean.   • Combo handle:Combo handle makes it easy to use and maneuver, allowing you to easily clean the floor.   • Vacancies:The vacuum space feature guarantees well cleaning the floor, removing dirt and debris from the hard -to -reach areas.   • Busy kitchen washing machine:The slow kitchen washing machine feature makes it easy to clean the floor without having to raise heavy or mops.   Specifications. Name: Manual payment cleaner Material: Stainless steel + plastic + fiber fibers Size: 102*33*16.3 cm   The package includes. 1 * Cleaning mop 1 * Fabric mop   Advantages. 1. Portable cleaning machine 2. A soft and dense rotary brush 3. An anti -water closure wiper 4. Extended bristles brush 5. Integrated dust box..
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Introducing the Magic Rotary Mop Home Cleaning Guard, a revolutionary cleaning tool for your home. This mop effortlessly provides a fresh, clean, and dust-free environment with minimal effort. Designed with a unique swimming-like motion, this mop glides smoothly and easily across your floors. The stainless steel blades ensure durability and strength for everyday use. The handle and plastic parts are crafted from high-quality materials, such as PP (Polypropylene), ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The ergonomic handle design ensures easy use and comfortable grip. With its quick water absorption feature, this mop absorbs water in less than 10 seconds, leaving your floors spotless and moisture-free. Say goodbye to stains and dampness! Measuring at a convenient size of 19x16x34.5cm, this mop is easy to use and store. Its adjustable separation system allows for effortless floor cleaning and effective care. With the Magic Rotary Mop Home Cleaning Guard, you can say goodbye to hand washing. Experience efficient and convenient floor cleaning, and enjoy a clean and fresh home without any hassle.       No hand washing, and make cleaning easier No wet hand washing and dry Easy to wash dirty, fabric cleaning Quickly remove stains Good cleaning assistant, house clean No need to wash by hand, no need to develop A new, easy and quick -cleaning experience Wet and dry, double purpose, and removal of dry garb Separation of mitigation, convenient water dilution system, no hand washing and more employment A strong application, suitable for various floors, to improve home, careful care, and clean Up to the hand of hand washing, and easy to wash the dirty The roaming is flexible, clean, not clogged Easily remove stains from wrapping, wall connections, ceilings, etc. Wet and dry, glow the Earth Network Say goodbye to problems, not only a dry garbage can be cleaned like dust and hair, but also wet garbage to solve your cleaning problems No need to bend, works with one hand No hand washing, not bending, no effort, time, anxiety and effort Drainage Save time and ease of cleaning More cleaning space than a round swittle It provides you with more cleaning time Thin energy drilling, below clean Do not miss the bottom of the furniture The head of the jars is a thin and flat design, which can go deep into the low space under the furniture to clean Water locking to Tokat Water absorption and pollution removal, and can be done with one piece of cloth to achieve a detailed cleaning Pull across the ground clean like wiping the hand with a rag 360 degrees flexible rotation Pionic wrist pulling head, which can be turned around with a flexibility of 360 degrees Increase the cap Do not pour water stains Automatic recovery, more convenient cleaning A full clean house, suitable for all types of Earth Anti -slip handle Easy and smooth to raise Magic migenous floor pressure pressure mops with a roof -patrol bucket a wiper for washing the floor house house cleaning easy 2020new  ..
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Introducing the "Stockwell with a Bucket," a perfect solution for home cleaning. This product features a smart and practical design that makes the cleaning process easy and efficient. The set includes a bucket that allows you to easily separate and segregate clean water from dirty water. This ensures the use of only clean water for floor cleaning, resulting in superior and hygienic cleaning results. The set also includes a square mop with a 360-degree rotating head, enabling you to effortlessly reach all corners and hard-to-reach areas. No need to bend or strain your body; simply move the mop and rotate the head smoothly to clean every inch of the floor. The product is known for its user-friendly design and convenience. Just assemble the three pieces of the mop, and it will be ready for the cleaning process. You can easily control and adjust the pressure and moisture according to your needs. With the "Stockwell with a Bucket," you can enjoy cleaning your home with ease and comfort. Take advantage of the innovative design and achieve amazing cleaning results with this practical and reliable set...
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Introducing the upgraded Water Separation Mop with Bucket, a revolutionary cleaning solution for your floors. This mop combines convenience, efficiency, and innovation to make your cleaning tasks a breeze. Featuring a 360-degree spinning mechanism, this mop allows you to effortlessly maneuver and reach every corner of your floors. No more bending or straining your back – simply let the mop do the work for you! Say goodbye to the hassle of hand washing with this mop. It is designed with an automatic watering system, allowing you to easily control the water pressure with a simple press. This ensures a consistent and optimal amount of water for effective cleaning. The water separation feature is a game-changer. The mop and bucket are designed to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring that you only use fresh water to clean your floors. This guarantees a hygienic and thorough cleaning experience every time. With the Water Separation Mop, cleaning has never been easier. The upgraded design provides a seamless cleaning process, saving you time and energy. Enjoy sparkling clean floors effortlessly, and embrace the convenience of a truly innovative cleaning solution. Innovative"Separation of wastewater", And prevent infection through A bucket can hold 2.5L of water You can press up and down about 200 times Just press the mop 4-6 times for a comprehensive cleaning One finger can be easily pressed, washing and disinfection simply a great effort A bucket of water can be wiped 150 m&SuP3;Word Equipped with 360 degrees, and removing dirt strongly from the hair A mixture of high-speed scraper turbines, you need to press 4-6 times for each cleaning to achieve comprehensive cleaning Suitable for all kinds of floors Deep cleaning for all kinds of floors..
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