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Product Description Specifications: Thermal conductivity material: tourmaline ceramic Voltage: 100-240V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Power: 85W Suitable hair: dry Heating element: PTC Temperature control: adjustable from 160°C to 220°C (360°F to 41°F) Cable length: 2.5 meters black color Weight: 640 g Different temperature settings for different hair types: ● Delicate, fine, bleached or fine hair: 160°C. ● Normal hair with natural texture: 180°C. ● Thin and fine hair: 200°C (200°F) ● Thick, curly and wavy hair: 220°C. How to use: 1. Turn on the power switch and turn on the appropriate temperature profile, when the power indicator lights up, it works normally. 2. Preheating for a minute or so, the hair curler can reach the required temperature, and it can work and use. 3. The heating element is equipped with an automatic constant temperature system, which can continue to use. With the computer temperature, please start to set the appropriate temperature before use. 4. Before using the hair straightener, the hair should be 9 on top dry. 5. When using it, the front cover of the hair straightener is 1-2cm higher than the hair root, so as not to burn it. 6. After use, turn off the built-in power supply first, then unplug the power cord, after cooling, and store in a dry place. Package: 1 * glove 1 * Main Machine 1 x L-shaped curling board 1 * M Corrugated Board 1 x S-Corrugated Board 1 * Flat Plate 1 x User Manual Steam straightening device, flat iron, curls, hair straightening device with ceramics, iron ripples for hair, hair tools for women 1. Rapid heating, 30 seconds can reach 230 EGP.A short time can make a variety of fashion models, 15 seconds warm up. 2. Four steps, fixed hair care. 3.360 degrees (International Standard International Standard) Corporation to prevent winding. 4. Negative ion hair protection, exhaust hole design, 30 seconds, fast heating, 4- Fixed temperature technology.                                                                            ..
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4 in 1 hair dryer brush for straightening, volumizing and curling hair      Versatile hair drying brush      straightener      Volizer      Hair curling iron and hair comb      Hairdressing uses      Product details      Package dimensions : 39 x 11 x 9 cm; 660 grams      Date first product available : 10 May 2023      Manufacturer: ZeinaLine  ..
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Item Information Voltage: 110-240V (Global Universal Voltage) Frequency: 50/60HZ Power: 34W Fever: PTC Subject Material: ABS Temperature adjustment gear: 160℃, 180℃, 200℃,220℃ Power cord length: about 1.8 meters, 360 degrees rotation. مميزات فير سراميك الشعر .  سطح سيراميكي يساعد على توزيع الحرارة بشكل متساوي على الشعر  تحتوي عصي لف الشعر السيراميكية على محرك دوار يمكنه تحريك العصا في اتجاهات مختلفة للحصول على تجعيدات مختلفة  تحتوي بعض العصي على ميزات إضافية مثل إعدادات درجة الحرارة المتعددة والشاشات الرقمية التي تساعد في التحكم في درجة الحرارة والوقت المستخدم في التصفيف  تأتي بعض العصي بحجم صغير ومحمولة بشكل جيد، مما يجعلها مثالية للاستخدام المنزلي أو السفر  ..
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A small, fast-heating cordless hair straightener, with the following features: 1- Modern and compact design allows you to create a variety of hairstyles. 2- Comes with a 2-way routable USB plug and comb comb. 3- The design is simple and compact, and the loading process is easy, which is very popular among American applicants and travel enthusiasts. They can be used to create big waves or pear flower hairstyles. 4- Provides a switch lock feature to improve safety. Specifications: 1- Rating Voltage / Power: 5V 18W. 2- Three smart control levels: 165/185/205 degrees Celsius. 3- Size: 208 * 32 * 32 mm. 4- Heat conductor materials: multi-layer composite, core heating column. 5- It provides three batteries and levels: 100% / 75% / 50%. 6- Color: pink, green and black. note: The actual material color might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures due to the different monitor and light effect. Please allow 1-2cm deviation due to manual measurement.   1 x hair straightening 1 x bag 1 x USB cable 1 x guide      ..
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  Hair straightener features:      Fast-heating requires 60 seconds of pre-heating time      Can be used on dry and wet hair      You can adjust the temperature to suit your different needs      Used for thick and coarse curls      Can be used at home or in the barbershop      It can achieve smooth or curly hairstyles      Specifications:      Material: Copper + ABS      Product color: copper + black      Product size: about 29.5cm * 4.6cm * 4.5cm / 11.6 * 1.8 * 1.7in      Product weight: about 260g        ..
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Features of the Kemei hair curler: Hair styling tool designed to create curls and waves This flat iron comes with different curling heads to create small or large curls in hair It comes with a hot air curling function It uses negative ions technology to give hair shine and softness The iron has different temperatures to suit different hair types The temperature can be easily controlled using the built-in digital display This iron comes with a portable and lightweight design, which makes it easy to use and carry while traveling..
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Multi -function straight hair brush brushe brushe ceramic anti -burning hair straight comb the description: High -quality plastic and ceramic that guarantees durability.Ceramic coating the heat conductor ensures well distributed heating and raising the fast temperature.The LED temperature display makes it easier to get better knowledge about the temperature.The 360 -degree rotating power cable allows free operation without worrying about wind conditions.Wonderful ingenuity contributes to its excellent quality.Easy to use and safe to work, and it will effectively reduce the damage to the hair in order to make it more healthy and natural.It applies to both types of wet and dry hair.Suitable for professional or home use.    ..
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The original "Instyler" hair tool provides you with the ability to effectively and quickly dry, style, and straighten your hair all at once. ONE STEP technology allows you to combine the four functions of a hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, and comb, providing 10 minutes of fast heating and hair drying for perfect styling. Negative Ion Technology: With negative ion technology, the airflow is smoother, which can eliminate static electricity, leaving the hair soft and shiny, and improving hair drying and curling. Oval Design: The overall oval design ensures even heating, and the surface is designed with a 360-degree rotating wire angle, effectively preventing hair tangling. Comfortable Handle Design: The handle is designed for a comfortable grip, providing an excellent hand feel. The surface is made of flame-resistant plastic, eliminating concerns about burns at high temperatures. Adjustable Temperature: There are three adjustable temperature levels, complying with CE and FCC standards. High heat for thick hair, medium heat for normal hair, and low heat for fine/damaged hair. Suitable for all hair types...
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  The Three-Barrel Hair Curler is a hair styling tool consisting of three barrels that can be heated simultaneously. It allows you to effortlessly curl your hair into beautiful "S"-shaped waves, simplifying the process and saving time. The overall design of the product is based on the "S" shape, featuring a handle with a curved design for comfort and satisfaction. The surface of the curler adopts a frost process, considering both aesthetics and providing an anti-slip function for a secure grip. The curler features a 3D and small switch design, with the indicator light conveniently visible from a distance. The middle section of the curler showcases three-dimensional lines, complementing the arc-shaped handle. Each aspect of the product's function aligns with the concept of the letter "S" in its design. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of the Three-Barrel Hair Curler as it effortlessly creates wavy, textured curls, giving your hair a stylish and glamorous look. Attachments: Color Fund (English), Instructions (English) Energy: 70-130 watts Votation: 110 V -240 V/50 Hz -60 Hz Temperature: 180-210 degrees..
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Cordless Hairdressing 2 in 1 Portable 4800mAh Power Bank with USB Cordless Hair Straightener and Wet Shaver Portable.   Features of the cordless hair straightener:       Freedom and flexibility: it can be used anywhere and at any time without the need to connect to a power source.       Easy transportation and storage: It can be easily carried while traveling or on the go, and it does not take up much space in the travel bag.       Speed: It heats up quickly and enables you to style your hair in no time       Protection: It features an automatic shut-off feature when not in use for a long time, and a temperature control feature to avoid burning hair.      Pleasure: It enables you to comb your hair in an easy and fun way, which makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself...
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